• This is a critical element in the "foresight test"

Beware of Hindsight Bias!

The inclination to see events that have already occurred as more predictable than they were at the time.
hindsight bias

Consider the following

  • People don’t come to work to do a bad job.
  • Do not make assumptions. Ask. Try to understand what was going on at the time. 
  • Simply because you think a different decision is obvious (in hindsight) doesn’t mean you can discredit the experience of the individual involved. 

Answer "NO" if:

  • The individual thought that the risk was lower than it actually was

[ AND / OR ]

  • The individual thought that the risk they were taking was justified at the time

Answer "YES" if:

  • The individual knew the risk was high

[ AND ]

  • The individual lacked any sort of reasonable justification for taking the risk

[ AND ]

  • They did it anyway

Times you may answer "yes"...

Sometimes a person puts someone else at risk when they violate protocols for their own benefit.

For example: some individuals gain an adrenaline buzz from taking risks and do so for no other purpose.

*there may be more to the story. Ask!

Sometimes a person violates a protocol because they resented the constraints it imposed on them. 

For example: they may have decided to undertake procedures for which they were not qualified or trained. 

*there may be more to the story. Ask!

Let's look to the world of sport...

In soccer, fouls are ranked by severity

"Careless" Foul

When a player shows a lack of attention to or consideration when making a challenge, or acts without precaution.
Outcome: free kick (foul)

"Reckless" Foul

When a player acts with disregard to the danger to (or consequences for) an opponent.
Outcome: free kick + yellow card
Bringing it back to "Just Culture"...
Which one sounds more like your situation?
Showing a lack of attention to the risk
Or not considering the risk
Or acting without precaution
If this sounds like your situation, answer "NO" to the risk question
Disregarding the dangers
Or disregarding the potential consequences
(disregarding = knowing and choosing to ignore)
If this sounds like your situation, answer "YES" to the risk question.
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